Port of Ozamiz



                The Port of Ozamiz is strategically located at the southern tip of Misamis Occidental, at the mouth of Panguil Bay. Its geographical coordinates are Lat 08 deg 8 min N, Long 123 deg. 50 min E.

Port Access

Concreted national highway traverse the commercial center of the city and serves as the main artery for the entry and exit of vehicular traffic from the North and South. To the        North, asphalted national highway connects Ozamiz City to Oroquieta City, Dapitan  and  Dipolog City. Another asphalted highway runs south to the City of Tangub, Pagadian and Zamboanga City.

Entrance Channel

Lat .          08 deg. 10 min. 42 sec. N
Long.      123  deg. 54min. 00 sec. E
.4 Nautical mile from entrance beacon
Depth of Entrance Channel : 9 to 10  meters
           Course upon entering entrance channel  -  226 deg.
Course upon entering  port of Ozamiz     -  300 deg.

Harbor Turning Basin

2 nautical miles

Physical Environment


                Based on the boring test conducted in October 2003, on two (2) bore holes selected by PPA, the topmost soil are predominantly sands ranging in thickness from 6.0 m in borehole  2 and 15.0 m in borehole 1. These are uniform-sized and fine grained type of materials that are susceptible to liquefaction. A bedrock of siltstone was intersected in borehole 2 at a depth of 16m  mbsb but is not present in borehole 1 within the 25 m deep hole that was drilled. In borehole 1 the threshold pile load of 700 kn can be attained when R.C. pile was driven to a depth of 25 mbsb.


                Apart from Mt. Malindang, the volcano at the east side of the city and near Bucagan Peak there are no apparent tectonic structures in the immediate vicinity of the port. The Panguil Bay coastline manifest some linearity which may be indicative of a fault. However, being an offshore feature it can not be subjected to actual ocular inspection. Based on drill hole data and geologic cross-sectional model the port site has simple, undisturbed layering of soil deposits.


                The depth of the entrance channel is more or less 9 to 10 meters. However, at about 4.2 nautical mile from the tip of pier 2 , is a shallow portion called Locolan shoal with a draft of about 3 m. It is marked with one  (1) lighted beacon. The slope of the sea bed around the port is gradual at about 7 m.  nearest to the R.C, wharf to more than 9 meters at the tip of R.C. Pier. There are no major rivers in the vicinity of the port  so that there is minimal problem with siltation.

          Climatological Conditions

            Ozamiz City belongs to the second type (Type II) of climate, that is, no dry season, with very pronounced rainfall from November to January.           

The Northeast monsoon occurs during the months of                November to February. During the month of April, easternly waves oriented north to south approaches Mindanao and equally distributes rainfall from north to south. The month of May marks the transition period between the trade winds season and the southeast monsoon prevalent during July to September.  

            Tidal Range/Type

                Based on data from Kolambugan Panguil Bay station which is nearest to the Port of Ozamiz, the differences of high water at : 00hr : 16 min. is –0.31 meter and low water at : 00hr : 08 min. is 0.00.  The range are : Mean = 0.80 m., Diurna L=1.22 m.,  Mean Tide Level is 0.54m.

Port Facilities

             Harbor: Coordinates:

                               Lat.      08 deg. 08 min. 25 sec. N
Long. 123 deg. 50 min. 36 sec. E


                     East or outer anchorage for foreign and big domestic vessels
Lat. 08 deg. 08 min. 07 sec. N Long. 123 deg. 51 min. 30 sec. E

West or inner anchorage for small domestic vessels
Lat. 08 deg. 08 min. 06 sec. N Long. 123 deg. 50 min. 30 sec. E

                   Berthing Facilities   

Berthing Facility




R.C. Pier 1
Berth 3 


6.0 m


81 m


12 m

R.C. Pier 2
Berth 4 A & 4B       
Berth 5A  & 5B


7.5 m
8.0 m


120 m


12 m
12 m

R.C. Wharf
Berth 6A  & 6B
Berth 6C  & 6D


7.0 m
7.0 m


100 m
105 m


18 m
18 m

Roll-on-Roll-off facilities
Berth 1
Berth 2


4.5 m
4.5 m

 19 m
19  m


12 m
12 m

Berth Space For Fast Crafts
Fronting Admin  Bldg.


4.0 m
4.0 m


125.0 m
50.07 m


6 m
6 m

Port Area:

Open Storage Area             =    3,200 sq.m.
Container Yard                     =    3,363 sq.m.
Total Port Area                     =    44,655.60 sq.m.